About Integrity

Founded by three long-time colleagues-Dr. A. Earle Weeks, Dr. Suhail Obaji and Dr. Margaret Gore-Integrity Oncology brings together physicians with an impressive depth of knowledge, advanced technology, and a compassionate culture in order to design individual treatments for your cancer. Dr. Drew S. Dill joined the Integrity Oncology family in June of 2014. We also provide treatment in hematology, immunotherapy and rheumatology.

In September 2011, Integrity Oncology became Integrity Oncology Foundation when we joined Baptist Memorial Hospital and we currently operate under Baptist Medical Group (BMG). BMG has more than 450 physicians representing 31 specialties with locations in Tennessee, Arkansas and North Mississippi. Becoming a part of a physician-led organization like BMG allows us to keep our focus on providing excellent care to patients while being prepared for the future changes in health care.

Convenience and compassionate care have always been our focus and with 4 locations in Tennessee and Arkansas, Integrity Oncology Foundation provides accessibility for the tri-state area. We offer our patients and their families flexible scheduling options, a patient support group, and a patient advocate on staff to assist in dealing with insurance companies, other health providers and government agencies in managing complex paper work and finding possible financial assistance.

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In an effort to provide its patients a convenient location near their home, Integrity Oncology has established centers in four different locations in the Mid-South. The locations, and the physicians who practice there, are:


Drs. Gore, Weeks and Obaji will see patients at this location.

6286 Briarcrest Avenue Suite 308  Memphis, TN 38120
Phone: 901.680.5190
Fax: 901.820.0212


Drs Dill sees patients at this location 4 days a week. Dr. Weeks sees patients at this location 2 days a week

1936 West Poplar  Collierville, TN 38017
Phone: 901.853.6012
Fax: 901.854.7630

Union City:

Dr. Gore will see patients at this location.

1109 E. Reelfoot, Suite F  Union City, TN 38261

Phone: 731.884.1412

Fax: 731.884.1720

West Memphis:

Dr. Obaji will see patients at this location.

302 S. Rhodes St  West Memphis, AR  72301
Phone: 870.733.1800
Fax: 870.733.1077

To get directions via GoogleMaps, click on the map image.


New Patient Information

Visiting a cancer treatment center can be intimidating, daunting and even a bit scary for a patient coming for the first time. The doctors and staff at Integrity Oncology understand this apprehension and will quickly put a first-time visiting patient at ease. Every effort has been made to provide treatment in an atmosphere that is as friendly, stress-free and as convenient as possible.


Patient Advocacy

We offer patients and their families a patient advocate on staff to assist in dealing with insurance companies, other health providers and government agencies in managing complex paper work and possible financial assistance. Assistance with IV and oral chemotherapy, support medication and radiation treatment is sometimes available. Also, the patient advocate can help to arrange transportation, housekeeping, and coordinate Churches and Food Banks for nutritional needs. These assistance programs are for patients being actively treated who qualify for benefits.


New Patient Forms

Of course, as is the case with a visit to any doctor’s office, there are forms to fill out and paperwork to be done. If you would prefer getting that part of your visit done ahead of time, you can do most of it by printing out the forms, filling them out and bringing with you on your visit. Click below to access our forms and questionnaires. This will be one less thing to deal with when you arrive.


Insurance and Financial Matters

When you have met with your physician and a course of treatment is determined, a member of the staff will discuss with you the expected cost. Our staff will contact your insurance company to be sure the planned treatment is covered as well as determining what your out-of-pocket costs will be. It is important that during the course of your treatment, you keep us informed of any changes in your insurance coverage.

If you are uncertain about any of the questions on the new patient forms, or have any concerns about your visit, just call us at (901) 853-6012. We are pleased that you have selected Integrity Oncology and will make every effort to justify your confidence in us.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions the doctors and staff at Integrity Oncology hear most often. If, after reading these, you want to know more about the cancer, the types, and the treatments, click here.


What is cancer?

Actually, cancer is a group of diseases. In fact, there are more than 100 different types of cancer that we know of. But all forms of cancer begin with cells that are abnormal. In most cases, these cells form a lump. These lumps, called “tumors,” can invade neighboring tissues. Or these cells could metastasize, which is when cells from the tumor travel to other parts of the body, continue to grow and form more tumors. Some cancers, such as cancers of the blood called “leukemia,” do not form a tumor.
Tumors are not always cancerous. Ones that are not are described as being “benign.” Benign tumors do not grow and spread the way cancer does. A tumor that is cancerous is described as being “malignant.”


What causes cancer?

The exact causes of cancer are not known, but we do know that activities such as smoking can increase the chances of someone’s contracting cancer. Spending too much time outdoors without proper protection from the sun’s rays, or using tanning beds, can lead to skin cancer, some forms of which are quite serious.

Heredity can also increase a person’s risk of cancer. One out of about every 20 cases of cancer is caused by genes inherited from parents. Radiation or prolonged exposure to certain types of chemicals can also increase the risk of cancer.
However, while we know that changes in our cells cause cancer to start, we don’t yet know how it happens.


What are my chances of recovering from cancer?

Chances of recovery can depend on a number of factors, two of the most important are how early the cancer was discovered and what type of cancer it is. Certainly, in many cases, early detection is crucial. This is why regular checkups are so important. However, some cancers are incurable at the very start.


If I have cancer, can my family and friends remain near me?

Cancer is not contagious. You don’t catch cancer as you would a cold or flu. So don’t avoid being around a friend or family member who has cancer. On the contrary, those being treated for cancer need the support of their family and friends.


Do I need special cancer insurance to pay for my care?

Standard group and individual health care policies issued by commercial insurance companies cover at least a portion of cancer treatment, as does Medicare. However, for those who have changed carriers, there may be special terms covering pre-existing conditions. Integrity Oncology has on staff a Patient’s Advocate who will assist patients in dealing with insurance companies, other health care providers and government agencies in managing complex paper work and finding possible financial assistance.


Can stress or certain types of injuries cause cancer?

No. There is no scientific evidence showing injuries or stress as a cause of cancer although we do know that stress affects the immune system.


How is cancer treated?

There are three methods of treating cancer: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and biological therapy. In many cases, more than one type of treatment is used.